Pope Benedict XVI

O God, I pray for the intentions of the Pope. I ask You to grant him the ability to write well and to speak well so that he might lead Your people well.
Grant him the gifts of faith, hope, love, charity, chastity, kindness, wisdom, patience, generosity, courage, strength, humility, obedience
but most of all that he may be lead away from all heresy so that he might unite Your church and be with You one day in Heaven. Amen

Please pray for these priests pictured below and all the priests you know.
Please send us pictures of any Religious you would like added to our site:

Fr. Brendan Arthur

Fr. Christopoher Curtis

Fr. Dominique Bourmaud

Fr. Edward Black

Fr. Edward MacDonald

Fr. Jean-Luc Lafitte

Fr. Juan Carlos Oritz

Fr. Jules Belisle

Fr. Karl Pepping

Fr. Michael Delsorte

Fr. Rainer Becker

Fr. Sayed Elias

Fr. Shane Johnson

Fr. Jonathan Morris

Fr. Seifritz

Fr. James Peek

Fr. Adrian Wee OCD

Fr. Benoit Wailiez

Fr. Robinson Sm Vers